Damascus Series Cutlery

When you are preparing your meals, you need a knife that is reliable. Our Damascus steel kitchen knives’ strength and durability ensure a long-lasting, beautiful knife thanks to forge welding and cryogenic technology.

Each blade in our Damascus Series is forged from 33 alternating layers of high and low carbon Japanese 420J2 steel wrapped around a rigid VG-1 metal core. After forging, each blade is sharpened to an extreme 10 degree angle for unparalleled sharpness. We use our proprietary cryogenic cooling process to draw the molecules of the steel closer together--this means ultimate edge retention! An expertly balanced hilt at the base of the blade protects your fingers from cuts and provides complete control over each and every movement.

Forging uses hand craftsmanship to produce the strongest and sharpest blades possible. Our Damascus forged cutlery comes in a variety of sizes and blade styles of for anything that you need to cut. With deep serrated bread knives, Chef’s knives, carving sets, and Santoku blades, there is something for every cook out there.