DishwasherSAFE Cutlery

It’s been a long day. You’ve finished dinner and it’s time to do the washing up. What do you do? Clean the pots and pans, wipe down the counters, and throw everything into the dishwasher. But what about your knives?

Some brands claim to be “dishwasher safe” but also “recommend hand-washing,” because they know that today’s high-efficiency dishwashers and abrasive detergents will cause their knives to rust, warp, and lose their edge much more quickly than with hand washing, forcing you to replace them sooner.

Not anymore!

Ginsu’s newest line of home cutlery is engineered to withstand the rusting, dulling, and warping caused by today’s abrasive and high-efficiency dishwashers. And just like all our Ginsu knives, they’ll still never need sharpening.