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Ginsu is excited to partner with CJ publishers in the home, kitchen, and gourmet food categories! Are you ready to provide your audience with the sharpest cutlery tools on the market? Then reach out to us today! Our starting commission rate is 10%, with room to grow for top performers.

We create kitchen tools that deepen the joy of cooking and simplify the preparation of food. Whether you’re an amateur cook or the seasoned home chef, we think everyone deserves quality cutlery they can always depend on.

Ginsu knife sets have been a mainstay in the cutlery industry for over 40 years, when they were labeled as some of the sharpest knives on the market and promoted to millions of American families through (what were at that time) revolutionary infomercials. Flash forward to today, and Ginsu is still one of the most well-known cutlery brands on the market, with specialized lines for cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs as well as economical models for those just looking to upgrade their kitchen accessories.

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Ginsu's Feature on QVC July 2020
Ginsu's Feature on The Today Show July 2020

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