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Ginsu® Everyday Blender - Ginsu
Ginsu® Everyday Blender - Ginsu
Ginsu® Everyday Blender - Ginsu

Ginsu® Kiso® Everyday Blender

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Introducing the Ginsu® Kiso® Everyday Blender. With 1,000 watts of power, this personal multi-function blender works with the speed and efficiency of a bullet train! Crush Ice! Blend smoothies! Shake shakes! Grind coffee and spices! The 1,000-watt motor delivers extreme power to the six blades to make quick work of whatever ingredients you choose to include! The tri-tone red-silver-black colored base makes this blender looks as good as it works. 

This blender includes the following components:

* 1,000 watt ultra powerful blender base and motor

* Tritan™ BPA Free mixing jar

* A 6-leave stainless steel blade set

* One drinking lid and one storage lid so you can take it with you or save it for later


The Ginsu Promises:

    • The blender jar, blade sets, and lids are all dishwasher safe.
    • This blender has a 1 year warranty.
    • Always read the owner's manual before operating this blender.