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Ginsu Essentials Series: Original Slicer

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Simplify your life with Ginsu's Essentials Series. The mirror-finish blade and high-quality polymer handle creates a knife that you can enjoy with the rest of your silverware without rusting or dulling.

The Ginsu Essential Promises

  • These Ginsu Essential knives arrive sharp and never need sharpening, giving you a no-maintenance set of cutlery at a great price.
  • Every Ginsu Essential knife features Scalloped Serration designed with your toughest cutting jobs in mind, so whether you need to cut up a side of meat or create delicate vegetable slices, you'll always have the best knife for the job.
  • These Full-Tang, Triple Rivet Ginsu Essential Knives are ergonomically engineered to give you a comfortable and safe cutting experience.
  • Like all of our knives and knife block sets, this product is backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.