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We are new to Shopify, but our company has been around for decades.

Ginsu knife sets have been a mainstay in the cutlery industry for over 90 years, when they were labeled as some of the sharpest knives on the market and promoted to millions of American families through (what were at the time) revolutionary infomercials. The “amazing” Ginsu knife became known to millions of television viewers in the USA through our iconic television advertisements in the 1970's. The first Ginsu commercials began with a dramatic voice over and touted it could “cut through a nail, a tin can, and a radiator hose and still cut a tomato paper thin,” touting the knives’ ability to stay razor sharp even after having been put to the test. Asked “How much would you pay? Don’t answer!”, viewers were urged to “Call now! Operators are standing by!” and included the signature line “But wait! There's more!”. In the process they established the formula for the modern infomercial, which was soon labeled “the pitch of all pitches” by Syracuse University.

Flash forward to today, and Ginsu is still one of the most well-known cutlery brands on the market, with specialized lines for cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs as well as economical models for those just looking to upgrade their kitchen accessories. Regardless of which set of Ginsu cooking knives you choose, you can be sure to find quality craftsmanship, balanced design, and sharp blades that are sure to last.


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