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Care & Use

Fine edge Ginsu® knives require care and maintenance to main their edge. Below you will find care and use instructions for your knives. 

If you would like to have your knives sharpened for you, Ginsu has a partnership with, a dedicated knife sharpening company. Save 15% (applied in the cart) automatically on their sharpening services by clicking on They can sharpen Chikara, all Santoku style, and Original Slicer blades. Please note, Kiso and Essentials Original Slicers are not included. If you are unsure of which one you have check the blade for the "dishwasher safe," verbiage used on the Kiso and Essential product lines. 


Care & Use PDF Documents

Chikara® Care & Use
Chikara Sharpening Guide
Front Side
Back Side

Kiso® & Daku® Series Care & Use
Care and Use

Sashimi Knife Care & Use
Sashimi Care & Use